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DJ Blox


Following the Covid-19 Pandemic Lockdown and his maiden Instagram Live gig on March 22 2020, International Destination Events DJ Blox has continued to provide music therapy as @djbloxofficial via his popular Instagram Live Party “Party Dey Here” at Club Outpost, in collaboration with Outpost Health, a World-Class Healthcare Company, to help his listeners cope with the mental health challenges as a result of the quarantine and lockdown. His midweek “Gospel Lounge Wednesdays” on Zoom has continued to provide a spiritual weekly pit-stop for his several followers and listeners.

Blox continues to make a change in this era through educating, entertaining, influencing, and mentoring folks both physically and via his YouTube platform. Through his latest collaboration with School of Oriental and African Studies, and Centre for African Studies – University of London, Igbo Conference, and Learn Igbo Now, his Instagram Live project “Roots and Vibes” is a series that showcases the connection between culture, identity, languages and our experiences through music.

Over the years, he has been a feature speaker at a host of conferences and workshops, where he shares his opinion, expertise, and experience in both the entertainment and corporate space.

His experience and exposure in entertainment dates back to his 14th birthday, when he was already spinning the decks to artistes like S.O.S band and many SOLAR Records artistes. Through College and University, Blox was well known for his exploits as a top entertainer and d-jay having toured several events and recording studios. Over those years, he founded, managed and choreographed a host of music and dance acts most notably ‘Bubble Top Posse’.

With over 35 years in the music entertainment scene, Blox has been privileged to learn from the works of artistes of our time through great collaborations and playing on a variety of sets and concerts for dignitaries and notable personalities across the globe. He is also an avid professional Latin percussionist.

DJ Blox also combines the role of the CEO of an Engineering Tech Company with board positions in a few other Corporate and Charitable Organisations.

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